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The Different Styles of Short Brown Wigs

With a vast collection of short brunette wigs in our range you can find the style that suits you best. 

  • Bob – The Classic Short Wig


A classic bob wig will blend with any outfit and is something that looks fantastic, no matter which colour you choose. Whether it's classic brown or a short green or orange wig, a bob is a style that will always endure. 


  • Pixie - The Short and Chic Wig


For a cute vixen style, a pixie cut is something that looks great on a variety of face shapes. Short brunette wigs in a pixie style are a fantastic compliment to any outfit and are great for showing off the most stylish earrings.  


  • Layered - The Modern Twist on Short Wigs


Layered wigs create the perfect frame for your face. Whether the layers are in a short black wig or a brunette shade, they are unique and stylish and present a natural look.

Material of Short Brown Wigs

As the leading supplier of wigs in Australia, MH Wigs offers choices in different materials to suit your needs. 

  • Synthetic Wigs – Affordable and Easy to Maintain


Wigs are popular with many people, and like any style accessory, it's great to be able to change your look every now and then. Our collection of affordable synthetic wigs allows you to go back and forth between pink and purple or change your entire look from ginger to blonde


  • Human Hair Wigs - Natural and Durable


Human hair wigs are the most natural-looking wigs you can find. Human hair looks great in short brown wigs, but it can take on a wonderful vibrance as a red wig too.  

Choosing the Right Short Brown Wig for Your Face Shape

Choosing the wig that looks best on you has a lot to do with face shape. By checking your cap size before you make your purchase you can be sure that the wig you ultimately choose will look its best on you. 

  • Round Face Shape


For a rounder face, the layered look is a wonderful choice to soften the jawline and add a touch of texture. Short brunette wigs look great with layers and it is best to choose an off-centre parting to offset the symmetry of your face.


  • Oval Face Shape


Oval faces suit a bob-style wig. A fringe is a great element in a short wig to frame the face beautifully. 


  • Square Face Shape


The pixie cut wig works great on those with more angular and square-shaped faces. 

Caring for Your Short Brunette Wig

Our simple care instructions help you to take the best care of your wig for the longest possible lifespan. Whether for washing or styling, taking good care of your wig is easy. 

Special Occasions and Short Brown Wigs

Short brown wigs can add a touch of elegance to a special occasion. Glam up your next outfit with a gorgeous brown wig that will make you the belle of the ball. 

Where Can I Buy Short Brunette Wigs in Australia?

MH Wigs offers both retail and wholesale options for those looking to buy quality wigs in Australia. With the handy Afterpay service, you can have any wig you like right now and not have to worry about the payments until later. 

Other Coloured Short Wigs Available

Milk & Honey proudly offers a large and varied wig collection to choose from. Whether short white wigs are what you seek or you prefer the more natural ombre wigs, you will find everything you need in the MH collection. Contact us today and discover the perfect wig for you.