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Why Choose Black Hair Extensions in Australia?

Black hair extensions are a great place to start when you feel like changing things up a little and rocking a different vibe. They’re not too outrageous if you want to keep things fairly traditional, but just wild enough to show you mean business when used to contrast your existing hair. 


Be sure to browse the site and check out our comprehensive range of wigs for sale, and don’t miss our fantastic selection of coloured hair extensions! From sizzling orange and fiery red hair extensions to more subdued, pastel options. Why not try gorgeous powder pink or deep, sultry purple hair extensions? When you shop at MH Wigs, the possibilities are wild and varied, and you can visualise any striking looks or stick to the plan and buy black hair extensions online.

Various Styles of Black Hair Extensions 

At Milk & Honey, we take our responsibilities as a premium black hair extensions supplier seriously, and that extends to not just the quality of our black hair extensions but also the variety of styles and options, including: 

  • Synthetic wavy ponytail

  • Synthetic straight ponytail

  • Human hair clip-in ponytail

  • Luxe tapes

  • Genius weft

You can even go totally off-script and use a mixture of coloured hair extensions! There are no rules. 

Classic Black Hair Extensions 

Choose classic blonde or brown hair extensions for a more subtle, classic appearance that still adds a sense of glamour and class. Create an eye-catching contrast as you pair classic white or grey hair extensions with black ones, or highlight those lovely reddish tones in your hair with ginger hair extensions. The choices are endless. 


Modern Black Hair Extensions 

MH Wigs has all the black hair extensions you could ever need, so why not take the plunge and give yourself a new vibe today? For special occasions, dress-up parties, or simply because you feel like a change, it’s time to cast aside your doubts and treat yourself to some stunning black hair extensions in Australia. We even have luscious green and wild rainbow hair extensions for that extra-special look.

Maintaining Your Black Hair Extensions 

Part of our ethos as a top-tier black hair extensions supplier is that we will never source or sell anything less than top-quality black hair extensions in Australia. Their exceptional quality makes maintaining and caring for them simple. Simply follow the steps in the next section when you need to wash them occasionally. Beyond that, think of them like you do your natural hair and treat them accordingly. 

Step-by-Step Washing for Black Hair Extensions 

To wash your black hair extensions effectively, you will need:

  • Sulphate-free, low-impact shampoo and conditioner

  • A good wide-toothed comb or bespoke extension brush 

  • Non-damaging detangling spray as required

When cleaning and maintaining your black hair extensions, give yourself enough time to do the job slowly and methodically, taking the following steps: 

  • Use the brush or comb to detangle the fibres carefully 

  • Gently work some conditioner or diluted shampoo into the hair fibres using your fingertips

  • Use lukewarm water to flood the fibres and squeeze out the excess without twisting

  • Repeat the process

  • Rinse until the water runs clear

  • Apply conditioner again

  • Work out any fresh tangles using the comb or brush

  • Rinse thoroughly and squeeze dry again 

  • Dab away any remaining water with a microfibre towel or T-shirt

  • Allow synthetic extensions to dry naturally or blow dry natural hair using a low-heat setting

Take your time, pay close attention to the care instructions, and your black hair extensions will continue to look fabulous.

Quality and Durability of Black Hair Extensions 

At Milk & Honey, our black hair extensions and extensive collection of ombré wigs are a source of great pride, as is our dedication to customer satisfaction and overall quality of service. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the team at MH Wigs, and we will gladly give you all the information you need, from using Afterpay when you buy black hair extensions online to cap-size options and more.