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The Benefits of Synthetic Wigs

Aside from the affordable price tag, many aspects of synthetic wigs are appealing to the wig connoisseur. They are lightweight and tough, making them easy to throw in your bag and transport without losing their shape. The style also holds throughout multiple washes, so you won’t have to worry about reshaping and styling your wig with every wear. The long-lasting and vibrant colours that fake wigs are known for will help you to make a statement of style, and with such affordable prices, you can choose a different coloured wig for every day of the week. 


The Durable Quality of Synthetic Hair Wigs

Synthetic wigs are some of the most durable wigs in Australia, so you know that each one you choose to purchase will remain a key part of your wardrobe for a long time to come. The quality wigs for sale in the Milk & Honey collection are a testament to the superiority of our range when compared with other wig retailers around the country. Choosing from the MH Wigs range provides absolute peace of mind that you are selecting your wig from a collection that has been tried and tested. 

Synthetic Wigs in Every Length

Whether you’re used to a short, stylish cut or want to achieve the long-flowing tresses that really make a statement, there is an artificial hair wig in our collection for you. For day-to-day wear, long blonde locks might be your go-to, but these more traditional wigs can easily be changed to a cute pixie cut in an intense red or a vivacious purple. No matter what length you're looking for, we are sure you will find one that’s right for you in our online store. 

Artificial Hair Wig Styles

The beauty of synthetic hair wigs is found in the multitude of different style options that are available throughout our range. You can have conservative bob styles for your day at the office that can be easily switched out for something bright and exciting to take you well into the evening. With the right cap size chosen from our specific sizing chart, your new wig will fit wonderfully. The style choices when shopping for synthetic wigs are seemingly endless when you take the time to browse through our collection. There will be so many styles to choose from, you may end up needing more than one.  

Synthetic Wigs in Every Colour

One of the greatest benefits of fake wigs comes from the array of colours you can choose. Unlike human hair wigs that can throw more red or be naturally resistant to certain colours, artificial hair can be precisely coloured to perfection. This means that every colour in the rainbow is available in our collection of synthetic hair wigs in Australia. With our handy Afterpay service, you can buy all the wigs you desire in the MH Wigs online store without having to worry about payment until later. 

Top Maintenance Tips for Fake Wigs

The care instructions for synthetic wigs, synthetic extensions and synthetic ponytails are some of the easiest to follow in the wide world of wigs. For both washing and styling, there are very few restrictions that will make it difficult to care for your artificial hair wig to ensure the longest possible lifespan. Providing that you follow the heat restrictions on styling and keep your wig clean, there is very little that can destroy your synthetic hair. 

Step by Step washing Instructions for Synthetic Wigs

Using a wide-toothed comb is always best to take tangles out of your artificial hair wig before washing. Then submerge it in cool water with just a little shampoo and give it a gentle handwash, including the cap and around the hairline, to remove any oil, gel or glue. You can squeeze or towel dry your wig before placing it on your wig stand to dry. That’s it! Taking care of fake wigs really is that simple. 

Contact us today to discover more about our incredible wig collection or learn about wholesale opportunities for retailers. There is no better choice for synthetic wigs in Australia than Milk & Honey.