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Why Choose Purple Hair Extensions in Australia?

As you lose yourself in our comprehensive collection of wigs for sale in our superb Australian wig store, our stunning hair extensions will catch your attention. Ranging in colour from sensational, vibrant red, glamorous pink, and lively orange to calmer, lower-key pastel versions. Draw every gaze at any event with striking green hair extensions or a show-stopping rainbow version. The Team at Milk & Honey think the sheer variety of styles and colours is enough to make you buy purple hair extensions in Australia with confidence. 

Various Styles of Purple Hair Extensions 

When you partner with Milk & Honey as your preferred purple hair extensions supplier, you open yourself to a vast world of options, including:

  • Wavy synthetic ponytail

  • Clip-in, human hair ponytail

  • Luxe tapes

  • Straight synthetic ponytail

  • Genius weft

Please browse our collection, find your favourites, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments. We will gladly provide all the information and guidance you need, from using Afterpay when you buy purple hair extensions online to your ideal cap-size and more. 

Classic Purple Hair Extensions 

Although our fantastic purple hair extensions are a great choice when you want to make a bold statement, sometimes classic hair extensions are more traditional and appropriate for the occasion. Fear not; you can still create a trendy, cute look, but choosing classic brown, black, or blonde hair extensions allows you to dial back the volume and reign in your wilder side. As your trusted, reputable purple hair extensions supplier, MH Wigs also has you covered when you need a more subtle approach. 

Those lucky enough to have natural red hair colouring can enhance their natural beauty with gorgeous ginger extensions. Others may prefer to create an interesting contrast with classic white or grey. When you shop at MH Wigs, all options are on the table, and you’ll be spoilt for choice!  

Maintaining Your Purple Hair Extensions 

Due to the unrivalled quality of our purple hair extensions in Australia, any required care and maintenance is straightforward. By carefully following the simple steps listed below, you can confidently wash and style your purple hair extensions and treat them almost the same way you treat your natural hair. 

Step-by-Step Washing for Purple Hair Extensions 

Before washing your purple hair extensions, you will need to gather a few easily accessible items, including:

  • High-quality conditioner and shampoo (low-impact, sulphate-free versions only)

  • A quality brush designed specifically for hair extensions or a wide-toothed comb

  • Non-toxic detangling spray (if extreme dryness is an issue)

Although our purple hair extensions are durable due to their exceptional quality, it still pays to treat them carefully and maintain a soft touch. Exercise caution and take your time as you perform the following steps: 

  • Carefully disentangle the strands with the brush or comb

  • Work conditioner or diluted shampoo into the fibres gently with your fingertips, taking care to reach deep all areas

  • Flood the extensions with lukewarm water, then squeeze it out without wringing or twisting

  • Repeat the process

  • Apply conditioner only using the same method

  • Use the brush or comb to detangle any remaining knots softly

  • Rinse and squeeze

  • Use a microfibre towel or an old T-shirt to blot any excess moisture away

  • If you have synthetic hair extensions, allow them to dry naturally in a warm place away from damaging sunlight. Natural ones must be blow-dried to return to their original shape and style. Always use low heat and work slowly and methodically. 

When you give your purple hair extensions due care and attention and follow the care instructions to the letter, they will remain in incredible condition for years and represent excellent value for money.