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  • Gently brush and smooth out your wig using a brush or wide tooth comb.
  • Submerge your unit in cool water and mix in a small amount of a gentle shampoo and allow to soak for 5 minutes.
  • Gently wash the inside of the wig cap and around the hairline with your fingers to remove any excess oil, gel or glue.
  • Thoroughly rinse your wig under cool running water.
  • Gently squeeze or towel dry the excess water from your unit.
  • Place your wig on a wig stand and allow it to air dry.
  • When your unit is 100% dry gently brush it back into style.


There are a few products we love using when it comes to laying and slaying your unit. Listed below are a few must have products to make you lay your lace like a pro. 

  • Heat Comb Styling Tool
  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Wig Glue, Edge Control, Tape or Gel ( depending on your personal preference ) 
  • Edge Comb ( a toothbrush will also work well ) 
  • Silk Edges Scarf 


We want your unit to last the distance.

Just like your natural hair - the less heat tools you use on your unit, the longer the hair will stay silky, soft and in its natural texture. 

** Please Note ** Synthetic Wigs and Ponytails can stand heat up to 150 Degrees. However, your product will last longer if it is left in its natural state. 

It is important to use styling products on your unit that will hydrate and products the hair. We will be launching haircare products soon - but if you would like more information on what we would recommend using in the mean time, please contract our team on - 


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