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The Different Styles of Short Red Wigs


Different face shapes suit different wigs. In our guide below, find out which short red wigs will look best on you.

  • Bob - The Classic Short Wig


Elegant and timeless, the bob is a style that will never go out of fashion and looks great in a range of reds, from brilliantly bright to short ombre wigs.


  • Pixie - The Short and Chic Wig


Cute and stylish, the pixie cut in a short red wig makes a statement no matter who is wearing it.  


  • Layered - The Modern Twist on Short Wigs 


For a modern look that oozes style and class, a layered red wig is a statement piece you can’t go without. 


Material of Short Red Wigs


Depending on your budget and requirements, we offer short red wigs in two different materials. 

  • Synthetic Wigs - Affordable and Easy to Maintain 


Synthetic wigs are affordable options that are easy to maintain and come in all types of colours. From black, blonde and brunette wigs to the more exciting pink and purple colours there is a large variety of synthetic wigs in our collection to choose from.  


  • Human Hair Wigs - Natural and Durable 


The most natural-looking of all wigs, our human hair collection offers the best short red wigs in the market and with our Afterpay option, you can have the best wig in town without worrying about upfront payment.   


Choosing the Right Short Red Wig for Your Face Shape


The right wig for you is all about framing your face correctly. Certain hairstyles suit some face shapes better than others; discover the right wig for you in our short guide below. 

  • Round Face Shape 


A round face is best suited to a layered wig. The layers in a short wig help to add texture and volume, which frames the face nicely.  


  • Oval Face Shape 


The best type of wig for an oval face is an elegant and traditional bob style. Either with or without a fringe, a bob is a lovely way to soften the face.  


  • Square Face Shape 


A pixie cut looks great on a square-shaped face because it can soften the angular appearance of the face. 


Caring for Your Short Red Wig 


With easy-to-follow care instructions, maintaining your wig is simple. Whether you’re looking for styling care or the best way to wash your short red wig, our instructions will help you keep your wig in the best possible shape.  

Special Occasions and Short Red Wigs


There are many ways to make a statement for a special occasion, but short red wigs give you a true wow factor. Whether you choose a deep red or one of our stylish short ginger wigs, your fabulous hair will compliment any outfit. 

Where Can I Buy Short Red Wigs in Australia? 


MH Wigs offers both wholesale and retail short red wigs for sale. Our online store is filled with so many stylish options it will be hard to choose only one. Contact us to speak about our wholesale catalogue, or browse the entire collection online today. 

Other Coloured Short Wigs Available 


From short orange and green wigs for the avid partygoer to a more traditional white wig, there are many colour options available to choose from. Whether you’re choosing a colour to match your skin tone or looking for something to revamp your look, everything you need for the new you is available right here.