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Different Styles of Short Black Wigs

Short hairstyles range, so we provide plenty of options in our short black wig collection.


  • Bob - The Classic Short Wig:

Timeless and beautiful, these short and snappy wigs create an effortless look that suits any style.
  • Pixie - The Short and Sweet Wig:

Daring and elegant, this bold and sassy wig will set you apart from the rest of the crowd.  
  • Layered - The Modern Twist on Short Wigs:

Lovely and layered, this stylish and trendy wig adds a bit of flair and will keep you feeling bold and confident.

No matter your preference, we offer multiple styles and options to suit your needs. Take advantage of our 14-day returns or exchange policy and ensure you find the short black hairpiece that suits your look. 

Material of Short Black Wigs

Our short black wigs are available in different materials to help you find exactly what you need. 

  • Synthetic Wigs:

Affordable and Easy to Maintain: These synthetic black wigs are made of quality materials that are built to last. They very closely mimic the look, feel and movement of human hair and offer less hassle and more affordable pricing.  
    • Human Hair Wigs:

    Natural and Durable:  Our human black hair wigs are high-quality, durable wigs. These pieces can be made to order and are available in three cap sizes: regular, petite and large. 

    No matter if you require human hair or synthetic, we are ready to help style your perfect look. 

    Choosing the Right Short Black Wig for Your Face Shape

    All faces are different, and different wigs better fit a particular face shape. We offer various short black wigs to suit everyone. 

    • Round Face Shape:

    Choose wigs with lots of layers or volume. Our short layered wigs are a great fit for round face shapes.
    • Oval Face Shape:

    Look for wigs with a layered, bob or fringe look. Our short bob wigs are an excellent choice for an oval face shape. 
    • Square Face Shape:

    It’s best to choose something to accentuate your naturally lovely jawline. A long bob wig or a wig with longer layers will do this trick every time.

    With our extensive short black wig selection, you can find multiple types that best suit the shape of your face.

    Caring for Your Short Black Wig

    We aim to create short black wigs that are made to last with proper maintenance and care. When washing your black wig, use cool water and wait until it dries to brush your tangles with a wide-tooth comb. You can use heat tools, but less heat will help your hairpiece last longer.

    Special Occasions and Short Black Wigs

    We have fabulous short black wigs available for parties, weddings, festivals, and any other special occasion. Speak to one of our hairpiece technicians and let us fit you for your party!

    Where Can I Buy Short Black Wigs in Australia?

    At Milk & Honey, we provide all the short black wigs you need. For retailers, we offer wholesale products and pricing upon request. With our extensive range of styles, quality materials and numerous colours, we remain a top choice for Australian hairpieces. 

    Other Coloured Short Wigs Available 

    Beyond our short black wigs, we also provide numerous other fun colours to mix up your style. Our wigs come in a range of colours, including:

    • Brown Wigs:

    These classic chestnut and soft caramel colours are what make our short brown wigs a timeless look that you can wear over and over again.
    • White Wigs:
    Angelic and innocent, our short white wigs are a classic look to add to any outfit.
    • Blonde Wigs:
    Whether it’s a subtle caramel or any icy cool shade, our short blonde wigs are sure to be the show-stoppers at any event.
    • Ginger Wigs:
    Embrace the warmth of coppery hues with our short ginger wigs to spice up your look.
    • Red Wigs:
    From rich ruby to awe-stopping auburn, our short red wigs are bold, daring and perfect for a confident new you.
    • Pink Wigs:
    Flirty and festive, our short pink wigs are all about embracing your fun side with a pop of colour to reflect your vibrant persona.
    • Purple Wigs:
    The  Luscious lavenders and plush plum colours in our short purple wigs collection are a great addition to your wardrobe for an evening out on the town.
    • Green Wigs:
    Our earthy hues and mossy tones give our short green wigs a pop of colour, sure to stand out in any crowd.
    • Orange Wigs:
    The stunning fiery tones and coppery shimmers in our short orange wigs are sure to turn heads.

      No matter your preference or need, let Milk & Honey find a short black wig that works for you. You can even shop now and pay later with our Afterpay/layby-payment plans. Visit our website or contact us today and take the first steps to an amazing new style.